Albert Einstein once said that things should be made as simple as possible but not simpler. We aproached the design of TILE LOCK Leveling System in accordance with that philosophy. The result of our work is a lighter, more flexible and a more durable clip made from biodegradable polymer which as an added bonus makes it eco-friendly. TILE LOCK leveling system is a proud accomplishment of our hard working team in an effort to make tile setting easier and faster with no need for additional cumbersome and expensive tools like plier

With a flexible clip the wedge can be put in place using one's fingers with no need for special purpose pliers. This type of design makes TILE LOCK leveling system not only simpler and faster to install for the tile setter but also more cost effective as there is no need for purchasing pliers along with clips and wedges. Another advantage of our patented design is our unique bottom shape of a clip which ensures no slippage once adhesive is applied

Here in TILE LOCK we have a vision of distributing simple and effective products across the world. Become our partner and help us to make clumsy and complicated tools a thing of a past.

Smooth installation

TILE LOCK clip sticks better to the surface which is particularly useful in wall tiles installation.

No pliers needed

With added flexibility the clip can be easily bent which makes putting wedge through the clip a straightforward process.

Up to 3x faster tile laying

Due to it's superior design time and money are dramatically saved with TILE LOCK Leveling System

Leveler and wedge

TILE LOCK leveling system enables fast and efficiant installation of tiles.

Unique design that makes pliers obsolete.

  • 1,5mm
  • Min 3mm / Max 12mm
  • White
  • Red
  • 100, 500, 2000pcs
  • 100, 1600pcs
  • Canadian Design

Installation manual

Consumption Per Square Meter:

Smooth finish for a better world.


Before and after.


We dream that other follow our example and make all kinds of structures from Eco plastic material. From boardwalks to street furniture, bridges to bike trails, we help architects, engineers and stakeholders realise the practical and financial advantages of Eco plastics.