Who We Are

We are a company that specializes in creating elegant and innovative solutions for construction problems. Here in TILE LOCK we recognize that hard work brings results while hard work done with expertise brings perfection. It is a slogan we have been following since inception and it makes us capable of creating the most efficient and easy to use inventions.


Company Monter was founded in 1994. Our managers acquired experience during their previous management work in companies Metal and Termoelektro with the workforce of around few thousands employees.

In effort to create products that are efficient and easy to implement, Monter emerged as a leader in construction of special-purpose staircases. As our customer base grew we decided to focus on further development and investment in new construction projects. One of the areas we focused on was ceramic tile setting. In effort to improve speed and efficiency of tile setting a new invention was created - TILE LOCK Leveling System

Current development of TILE LOCK is focused on four continents: Europe, Asia, North America and Australia with the steadily growing market.

  • 2017 - Expanding to Germany and Bulgaria.
  • 2017 - Entering market in Montreal, Canada.
  • 2016 - Patent new product called TILE LOCK.
  • 2014 - Entering market in Paris, France.
  • 2010 - Expanding to Adelaide, Australia.
  • 2006 - Opening our offices in Moscow, Russia.
  • 1999 - Expanding business in region.
  • 1994 - Company Monter founded.

Our Mission

To create products that WORKMEN recommend to colleagues for their effectiveness and ease of use, CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERS prefer for the speed of implementation and INVESTORS seek for long-term returns.

Our Vision

To become a brand whose name is a synonim for simple and efficient product across the world


Aleksandar Jelic - Founder

Graduated theoretical physics from the Faculty of Physics in 2014. at Belgrade University. Founder of TILE-LOCK leveler. Currently in charge of Tile Lock.

Ivo Ivanovic - Founder

Graduated theoretical physics from the Faculty of Physics at Belgrade University. He is founder of TILE-LOCK leveler. Currently in charge of expanding Tile Lock branch.

Filip Jelic - Manager

Worked in Monter as a construction manager from 2010. in Serbia. From 2015. to the end of 2016. he was in charge of construction projects in Paris. Currently manager of TILE-LOCK.

Branko Djordjevic - Director

Graduated theoretical physics from the Faculty of Physics in 2016. at Belgrade University. Published a scientific paper in the field of astronomy at Petnica Science Center.